I am an Indian citizen. I completed my 10th and diploma in Electronics Engineering. I also have 2 year work experience. Am I eligible for higher education abroad?

Asked by Sidhique ibnusaleem over 1 year ago

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Yes, definitely yes. A diploma after 10th is basically an equivalent to further degree. The credit transfer system allows you to present a diploma or degree as the asked qualifications in abroad countries. Many students from India that have done a diploma plan their higher education abroad.

Compared to a bachelors, a diploma surely falls behind. But it doesn’t mean it has no impact. Almost all universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other popular countries accept diplomas in your years of education. There is one thing that you’ll need to know. Basically, a master program requires you to have a 16 years education (or at least 15 years). Therefore assuming your diploma is one or two year long, you will be eligible to apply for a bachelor degree.

For a master course, you’ll need some extra qualifications. However, since you have done  only 10th and diploma, I assume you are looking for a bachelor anyway. In case it was a 12the after diploma, you could have applied for master programs in abroad countries. Diplomas can be used as a bachelor’s equivalent qualification.

Your 2 years of experience is always good. It will  come in handy while building a profile for you. Abroad universities generally prefer students that have overall performances in academics on-academics and community related areas. Mentioning a two year work experience in your resume will surely work in your favor.

Apart from work experience, there are a lot many things in building a good profile. Since you have a diploma, I suggest paying extra attention here. Get in touch with the experts here for free and they can help you with your higher education queries. Let me know what I can do from my end to help.


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