What is the best country to study for a masters in Industrial Engineering?

Asked by Idhaya about 2 years ago

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Nipun Mahajan

Nipun Mahajan


Well, engineering courses are famous in all top countries. If I have to suggest, you can go anywhere in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and some other countries as well. But of-course browsing from all of them can take a really long time. My personal top recommendation will be the USA, Canada and Germany.

Basically, the USA would be the first pick here. Because of engineering and technology, the USA has been the very best place to study. Plus, the engineering industry in the USA  is very much diverse and involved with the universities there. As an industrial engineering master from the USA, you will experience many tours & visits, live projects, working on real-life situations and more. There are many universities in the USA that offer these courses, so you would have more options to browse.

Canada is yet another good option for you. Compared to the USA, Canada does not have any fewer top universities. You can find many masters programs in industrial engineering there. The country is very friendly to international students, and the immigration there is easier. Germany, on the other hand, is a very famous destination for engineering. Both the master courses and working conditions in the engineering field are top-notch in Germany.

If you have a considerable budget, I would suggest going to the USA. Canada will be a better choice for good closure and a diverse lifestyle. Germany, compared to these two, will be a  cheaper option. Plus, there you'll be studying in their top specialized area. Based on your interests, see which country intrigues you the most. And if you need any more help, just ask me.


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