I would like to know what, how, when should I start my preparation to study in uk for my post graduation in luxurybrandmanagement that is I still have 3 more year to complete my undergraduate program.?

Asked by Rishika Prakash over 1 year ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

Supply Chain Management expert

It is a great thing that you are clear about your goals. A top-tier university degree in luxury management and marketing can open the door to a highly lucrative job and other interesting opportunities. Since you still have three years of undergrad study left, you have plenty of time to prepare. Creating a strong CV is one area you should concentrate on, and you need to participate in extracurricular activities. Participate in college societies, organize fests, compete in competitions, and attend workshops and seminars. You can also do a few internships, training, and certificate course to supplement your learnings. Consider gaining some work experience in the industry before applying for a master's. Try to develop good communication skills, leadership skills, motivation towards team building, passion for luxury items, knowledge of the luxury market, ability to perform under pressure, and attention to detail. Develop both your soft skills as well as your hard skills. Above all, concentrate on your academics and achieve good scores. Maintain your focus, but don't forget to have fun every once in a while during your college days. Don't stress and enjoy every minute of this time since you won't get it back. Wishing you luck in the future!


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