I wish to know if there any free/scholarship colleges in germany for the degree of Masters in organizational psychology/Masters in Psych with HR specialization?

I am not a fluent German speaker but I did study the language in school and in my bachelor's. I want a uni which is eng medium itself. Also how to avail these scholarships?

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

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Germany has many highly-ranked universities that offer programs in Psychology. The Free

University of Berlin Master's in psychology in Germany is a popular option

According to reputed university rankings, these are some of the best universities in Germany where you

can pursue a Psychology degree:

LMU Munich

Free University Berlin

University of Ulm

TU Dresden

Ruhr University of Bochum

Many accredited universities offer industrial organizational psychology masters programs

online. Many also offer online bachelors in industrial organizational psychology and some

even offer PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology online programs as well. Entry

requirements vary from university to university but generally include a higher education

qualification, German or English language proficiency and strong analytical skills. All

international students from non-EU and non-EEA countries require a visa to study in

Germany. Opening a blocked bank account and obtaining health insurance coverage are vital

parts of your visa application.

Many psychology degree programs are subject to admission restrictions and also have

specific examination regulations. This means that there is a  numerus clausus  (NC) for

psychology studies, on the basis of which the available study places are allocated to applicants.

In addition, many universities often have further requirements such as aptitude tests. Studying

psychology without NC is only possible for a few degree programs.


Abhiyudaya Chauhan

Abhiyudaya Chauhan

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 Including those in fields like Organizational Psychology. Keep in mind that while tuition is free at public universities, all students—domestic and international—are required to pay a nominal semester contribution, which covers administration fees and a semester ticket for public transportation.

For financing your studies further, scholarships like those offered by the DAAD are highly recommended. These scholarships can help manage living costs, which are not covered by tuition-free policies. Individual universities also often offer scholarships or funding opportunities specifically for international students. These can range from partial to full scholarships and may cover living expenses, travel costs, and books.

You should start by selecting a few universities that offer the specific program you’re interested in. Visit their official websites to gather detailed information about the courses, requirements, and any potential scholarships they offer. Additionally, contacting the university’s international office can provide insights into any financial aid options available and application tips specific to their programs. Engaging in forums and social media groups related to studying in Germany can also offer real-time advice and experiences from current or former students.



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