I will be write GRE on December and IELTS / TOFEL in December ending. I need suggestion to join for MS in CS in USA either in spring or summer or fall in 2023.?

Asked by Manohar over 1 year ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Canada

Well, it all relies upon presently you are in which position. Some college students have a tendency to appear for the GRE when they are in their sixth Semester or 7th Semester if they are concentrated on for the FALL admit in the subsequent year. There are working authorities too who appear early. In short, the earlier, the better. Now let me increase the definition of ‘early'. Let's take an actual lifestyle example. Suppose you are aiming for FALL 2021 admission in the US or in the EU. Let's do a lower back calculation. In most of the universities in the US or in EU the academic session commences Aug/ Sept. (2021). March /April 2021 will be the time when you will be certain of your admit. The most important point to hold in thinking is the software deadlines. Its recommended to observe the universities as early as possible. Now for nearly all good graduate schools, the cut-off dates are till mid Dec (2020) or until Mid Jan (2021).

I advise you to be geared up with your GRE rankings by using Mid July (2020). The reason why I say to show up early is because, you will have time to reappear in case you don't do well in the exam (21 days is the whole time for re-appearing). So you have to be prepared with your ratings by means of mid Aug cutting-edge so that you will come upon a much less hassle free software process. Usually in Sept (2020) the application window opens.

Don't drag your exam slot date till Oct/ Nov as that will be the time when the application system will be at its peak and there are possibilities that your files may additionally no longer reach the university within the deadline.

So to summarize, and to be on the safer side, take your GRE exam state-of-the-art by using June end 2023 with a proper amount of preparation and take a month and a half of time to prepare your documents like LOR and SOP. Start applying from September 2023 if you are planning for FALL 2024.


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