I want universities in Uk πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ with 2 years duration for course logistics and supply chain management (mba) please suggest me good universities, thank you?

Asked by Prashanth over 1 year ago

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Hello, so you want to pursue your MBA in supply chain and logistics management in the UK; that’s good to hear. Well, let me help you with a list of the best universities where you can study this course in the UK:

University of Westminster: The University is located in London and offers a scholarship. Regarding the fees, 2 years in this university can cost you somewhere between 11,55,300 to 18,02,200 INR.
University of East Anglia: Located in Norwich, UK, this university allows only 15% international students, and yes, they do provide scholarships. 2 years in this university can cost you somewhere around 14,69,500 to 18,66,900 INR.
Robert Gordon University: Located in Aberdeen, UK. The university offers absolutely no scholarships. 2 year MBA here can cost you upto 10,16,700 to 18,30,000 INR.
Coventry University: Situated in the city of Coventry, UK, the university offers no scholarship of any sort, and their international student intake is only 33.1%. 2 years at Coventry will cost you 8,62,600 to 17,19,100 INR.
University of Manchester: This university is located in the city of Manchester, UK. The University of Manchester offers no scholarship at all, and 2 years in this university can cost somewhere in between 18,02,200 to 40,66,500 INR.
These are the top 5 universities for you to check out, and if you still have some doubts, we are here to help.



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