I want to study my post graduate in the most affordable place M. FOOD AND NUTRITION MSC FOOD SCIENCE or related fields? Which is the most affordable and valued degree in the world?

Asked by SUVI GOWDAA over 1 year ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

Food and nutrition are all part of food science. For that, I believe any university that is good in agricultural and food science would be the best pick for you. There are some really excellent options for you and they are affordable. I think the most appropriate place for an MSc in food science area is either USA or Canada, This is why I suggest these universities:

  • University of Georgia, USA
  • Ohio State University, USA
  • Texas Tech University, USA
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
  • University of Manitoba, Canada

The USA universities are generally better for food science courses. Because even after graduation, you will need university features for a job or career. Compared to Canada, universities in the USA have a bigger network and more operations in the food science sector. Also, a Masters degree obtained in the USA is more recognized. So in terms of your options, you are safer with the USA.

On the other hand, Canadian universities are not any less. Making a career in Canada after graduation is much more accessible, because of the longer stay in the country post completion of your masters. Plus Canadian universities are known for high ROI. You will not lose any of your investment here.

Besides, all the suggested universities for you are top-notch. You can expect an annual tuition under 20 lakh in these universities. Compared to the top 10 universities, where it costs like 40-50Lakh

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Let me know if this helps and if you want any other information from my end. 


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