I Want to study Ms International Human Resources in Uk. Is there a good career scope in choosing the respective field?

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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Country Expert : UK

Students are drawn to study for master's degrees in HRM in U.K. universities due to the high demand for HRM graduates in the labour market and the excellent employment rate.

University of Edinburgh    

  • MSc Human resource management (1-years)   
  • Fees- 25,100

University of Southampton    

  • MSc Human resource management (1-year)   
  • Fees- 24,060

Durham University    

  • MSc Human resource management (1-year)   
  • Fees- 25,500

Lancaster University    

  • MSc Human resource management (1-year)   
  • Fees- 22,000

Newcastle University    

  • MSc Global human resource management (1-year)    
  • Fees- 21,000

University of Bath    

  • MSc Human resource management and consulting (1-years)    
  • Fees- 22,000

University of Sussex    

  • Msc Human resource management (1-year)    
  • Fees- 22,500

University of Surrey    

  • MSc Human resource management (2 years with placement)    
  • Fees- 19,600

University of Strathclyde    

  • Msc Human resource management    
  • Fees- 21,300

Royal-Holloway University    

  • MSc Human resource management    
  • Fees- 21,500

University of Stirling    

  • MSc Human resource management (1-year)    
  • Fees- 18,645

University of Portsmouth    

  • MSc International human resource management (1-year)    
  • Fees- 16,400

Keele University    

  • M.A. Human resource management(up to 20 months)    
  • Fees- 18,000

University of Lincoln    

  • MSc Human resource management (1-year)    
  • Fees- 15,900

Admission to the U.K.'s master's program in human resource management

It's not difficult to gain admission to U.K. universities. Although meeting the requirements does not guarantee admission, having a competitive score, a well-written SOP, and exceptional LORs can help you enrol in master's programs in human resource management in the U.K.

Admission Timeline:

  • Intake- September
  • Admission Deadlines- Starts October of the preceding year and can continue for up to two months before the start date.
  • Decisions Within six weeks of applying.

The list of documents required for application to U.K. universities is provided below.

  • Both the original and scanned versions of transcripts
  • Copy of passport as identification proof
  • A resume or curriculum vitae that lists internships and prior employment
  • Evidence of money
  • GRE or GMAT score, if desired
  • Personal statement: Explaining your motivation for enrolling in the course LOR
  • Some renowned universities may conduct interviews.
  • Scores obtained on English language proficiency exams like the PTE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

U.K. Cost of Living

The cost of living for an overseas student includes travel and living expenses in the U.K. These expenses can vary significantly based on the university, kind of housing, city, and lifestyle choices you make. You have complete control over how much money you can save on this cost. It would cost a staggering 25.98 lakhs to pursue a master's degree in human resource management in the U.K.

Graduates in the U.K. with a master's degree in human resource management might anticipate employment in positions such as H.R. officer, recruitment consultant, training and development officer, employee relations adviser, career coach, management consultant, and more.

For a new hire with no prior experience, the starting salary with small to medium-sized enterprises is approximately 23,000 Euros (excluding benefits). Your base pay, however, is approximately 50,000 euros with large multinational firms.


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