I want to study ms in civil engineering in usa?

Asked by Krishna Kanth over 1 year ago

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Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

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Hello Krishna, how are you doing?

Well, surely go for it. Civil engineering is not any laid back profession in engineering. And talented graduates in civil engineering are paid more than the average pay scale of the country. And to add more, you would have the opportunity to work in any country after an MS in civil engineering since it is one of the most diverse and emerging fields anyway. 

One thing to keep in mind here is that MS in civil engineering is a STEM course. So basically selecting a university will also require some consideration and a little more attention to your grade. In many cases, you will need a GRE above 300 to get admitted to a prestigious USA university for MS in civil engineering.

Coming to the top universities to do an MS in civil engineering, I have created a list of options that you can look into- 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Stanford University
3. Harvard University
4. University of California, Berkeley
5. Georgia Institute of Technology
6. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
7. University of Texas at Austin
8. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


While I have given you a list of universities that are the most popular and sought-after ones, you also need to make sure that you fulfil their eligibility requirement before applying to them. Now I know that it sounds like a tough task to check the requirement for each university separately. 

Why don't you check out the FREE school explore tool curated by study abroad experts which can generate an ideal school list for you based on your profile and preferences. 

It will help you narrow down your school options and move ahead in your study abroad journey.

Hope this helps!


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