I want to study global logistics and supply chain management course....@Canada (TORONTO) I have marine background and well experiences too..how to proceed please reply for the same?

Asked by Rathish kumar A almost 2 years ago

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Vinamra Jain

Vinamra Jain

CSE undergrad student | Minor in Communication

Choosing supply chain management as a career option is a good selection. Supply chain management is becoming more and more in demand. Students are hired as purchasing, operations, scheduling, and storage and distribution managers, among other positions. Moreover, Canada has a robust economy and an excellent infrastructure and is home to numerous global corporations. Due to all these factors, Canada is a sought-after location for academics and employment.

To enrol in a Supply Chain Management programme in Canada, you must have:

Completed your formal schooling,

Earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and;
Have passed English languages proficiency exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
A letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, cover letter, and resume are also required.

You will also need a student visa if you want to enrol in any academic, professional, or vocational programme at a Canadian educational institution. To pursue academic studies in Canada, a student visa is required.

Students are required to apply for a Temporary Residence Visa, provided by Visa Application Centers and issued by the Canadian High Commission. The price of a study permit (including extensions) is CAD 150. You must spend CAD 350 to regain your student status.



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