I want to study for a master's in Canada. Where do I begin?

Asked by Raj Singh over 1 year ago

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I believe you are enquiring about the  necessary points right? See, that way you can or should I say must prepare for a country is to know what kind of universities it has. What I mean is if you think about a MIM course the first place that comes in mnd is Europe, isn't it?

So I would like to know the universities in Canada to figure out what they prefer and offer?

After this you should probably get on the standardized exams. A masters abroad usually requires GRE or GMAT. GRE in case you want a universal one while GMAT is specifically for business degrees. Other than these, request your LORs from recommender 2-3 months prior to your application submission. SOP is also to be prepared a month ago or two. And for Essays you can practice on it from any point of time. Believe me these are very important.

Anyway after all this fuss, you will be submitting your application for the program you seek. There will be a few minor steps like contacting your recommender and giving online submission for a few others. Though you do not need to worry much as they are nothing major and can be sorted later too. After your application submission just wait and hope that you get shortlisted. There is an interview step but it generally depends on the program.

And after thest I hope you get selected, you now can start your visa process. You will need a study permit in Canada. You can either be provisionally accepted for your studies abroad or if you like to set up your life in canada, apply for immigrations beforehand. This way you can also save money on your tuition as you will be applying as a domestic student.

That's pretty much it. The only extra suggestion I would give is to make sure your profile fits the college you apply for. It is very common that you may oversee a best fit to your profile and choose a top university instead. And if you need any kind of help with this feel free to ask.


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