I want to study abroad for my masters. I'm a finance student and I've been trying to look for colleges overseas. I need to know whether I can get in without any college entrance exams?

Asked by Sakshi about 1 year ago

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Pursuing a master's degree in finance after a bachelor's confirms international students to land a bright job opportunity in financial management and analysis.According to the present Occupational Outlook Handbook of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for financial analysts will cultivate by 11% through 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

The course is planned to equip international students with skills needed in a career like investment banking, management, corporate finance and others. Students will also learn more in-depth about data-driven subjects such as financial planning and rating, quantitative finance, investment banking, risk management, controlling and auditing. Furthermore, by pursuing MS or MBA in finance abroad, you can also go for PhD in financial engineering and contribute original research to the field.

Why Study Masters in Finance Abroad?

Some international students are jumbled as to whether they should pursue an MSc in Finance or an MBA with a specialisation in finance. Both master’s degrees can lead you to job positions in investment banking and corporate finance. Below we have mentioned some of the best reasons why one should pursue a finance degree from abroad:

-Get Global Finance Perspective
Students taking up MS in finance will get a global perspective of the subject. The finance master's program is designed keeping the international finance market in mind. Students will have practical experience on how the finance industry works.

-Prepare for the Professional Career
The job market is very modest, and there are many qualified candidates. A Master’s in finance degree can aid you in getting a job in the field of finance or offer you the knowledge and skills to begin your own business. And start planning early in college so that you have time to discover which career and degree are most suited for you.

-Learn to Apply Different Skills
When you are learning MS in finance, you will learn different skills you can apply in the professional area. Whether you are establishing your own company or working for a company, you can understand and apply concepts like profit and loss ratios, payroll administration, and other things in the process of finance management. With your accounting skills, you can use sheets and ledgers to manage your budget and expenses at home efficiently.

-Highly Demanding Degree
Masters in finance are highly in demand among international students. Once you complete the course, you can move to PhD or any specialised course in finance. Although the masters in finance syllabus changes, the area remains almost similar.


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