I want to settle in Canada, what course will be better for me to fit into the economy?

Asked by Rahul Rishi almost 2 years ago

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

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Regarding immigration, Canada is one of the most sought-after nations. Due to its stunning natural surroundings, mild climate, free universal healthcare where Canadians and other permanent residents do not have to worry about high medical expenditures, and famous educational institutions, it is a perfect country.

After completing specific degree programs, students might find employment in prestigious Canadian corporations. The following list of the top long- and short-term PR courses in Canada can assist students in finding rewarding employment and career opportunities:

  • MBA
  • MSc in Computer Science/IT
  • MSc in Data Science
  • MSc in Big Data
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Banking
  • MSc/MTech in Civil Engineering
  • MSc/MTech in Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc/MTech in Electrical-Electronics
  • MSc/MTech in Chemical Engineering
  • MSc/MTech in Engineering Management
  • MD
  • MSc in Bioscience
  • MSc in Nursing
  • MSc in Psychology
  • MSc in Biochemistry
  • MA in Marketing Management
  • MA in Journalism
  • MA in Public Relations


  • 1-year Diploma Courses for Canada for PR
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts Management
  • Diploma in Cyber Security Specialist
  • Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op
  • Food Technology, Safety, and Quality Diploma

Short-Term Courses for Permanent Residency in Canada

  • Human Resources Management Certificate
  • French Language Course
  • Short-term for Software Engineering
  • Finance
  • Professional Cook – Certificate Course
  • Marketing
  • Dental Assistant
  • Public Administration
  • Culinary Arts
  • Advertising – Account Management
  • Certificate in Business Foundations

Here are some of Canada's finest institutions where you can study in PR-friendly programs: 

  1. University of Toronto    
  2. McGill University    
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University of Montreal    
  5. University of Alberta    
  6. McMaster University    
  7. University of Waterloo    
  8. Western University
  9. University of Ottawa
  10. University of Calgary

All social benefits that are available to Canadian citizens are also available to immigrants, including access to Canadian health care, the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada, the ability to apply for citizenship eventually, and protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

With three (3) exceptions, Canadian citizens and permanent residents share the same rights and privileges, including free healthcare, elementary and secondary education, etc. Permanent residents cannot vote, they cannot hold a Canadian passport, and they are subject to deportation for certain criminal convictions.

Hopefully, this will help you select your course with a clearer vision. 


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