I want to pursue masters related to coffee industry, can someone please suggest me some best colleges.?

Asked by Ashish Kumar over 1 year ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

Although a master's degree program in the coffee industry is not available in India,

there are a few options available in Italy.

The University of Florence offers a master's degree in coffee, where students can

get an education on every aspect of the coffee-making process, from cultivating

coffee plants and the intricacies of the coffee supply chain to preparing a fresh cup.

The course is 9-month-long and is taught in Italian, as well as in English.

You can also opt for a master's degree in coffee economics and science proposed

by a renowned group of leaders in the field of education: the Ernesto Illy

Foundation, The Drexel University, The Kedge Business School, The MIB Trieste

School of Management, The University of Padua, The University of San Paolo,

The University of Trento, The University of Northern Colorado, The University of

Copenhagen and The World Coffee Research, International Superior School of

Advanced Studies of Trieste (Sissa), the Association of Molecular Biomedicine

and the District of coffee (Trieste Coffee Cluster).

The course is offered entirely in English and is open to graduates worldwide in

Economics, Engineering, Sciences, Agriculture and similar disciplines. It entails

the entire productive cycle of coffee, and it is developed in three disciplinary areas:

economical-administrative, biological-agronomic, and technological.

The course offers in-depth multidisciplinary preparation to graduates interested in

working in the world of coffee and, specifically, in the field of agro-alimentary in

every stage of the productive cycle, from the cultivation to the catering industry,

including logistics and the industrial process.


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