I want to pursue Masters in MEM/MiM in Europe. Most of the MIM programs need a Business degree. What are the best courses which do not require a background in business?

I have done my Bachelors in Engineering.

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Faisal Mohdd

Faisal Mohdd

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MIM overseas eligibility and requirements
Fresh graduates with one or two-year work experience find out about MIM to add to their skills. From the closing decade, MIM has grow to be a famous alternative for these who do not prefer to do an MBA. Candidates with a bachelor’s diploma in engineering are favored to pursue a MIM degree.

1. Academic requirements
The Majority of the MIM programs require candidates to have an undergraduate diploma in any field. So, college students with Arts or Social Science background can additionally practice for a MIM degree.

2. Work experience
Most of the MIM programs have students with less than two years of work experience. Also, unlike the MBA, for pursuing the MIM program, a candidate would not need to have substantial accomplishments to showcase.

3. Application manner for reading MIM abroad
First and major is to complete your bachelor's program. Although, enterprise schools receive candidates from all the fields, nevertheless it is desired to test whether or not our course' is popular for MIM or not. Then a candidate can pass beforehand with the subsequent stop.

Select your favored university/universities where you want to study the MIM programme.
Check whether you want to attain expert experience, or simply a bachelor's diploma is ample to get into a MIM programme.
Complete English Language talent exams
Check whether or not you want to take GMAT or GRE.

4. Arrange for finances

Scope of MIM Abroad: 
MIM software focuses on strengthening the fundamentals of management. MIM job possibilities are lots as this area is fairly new. After pursuing this degree, students commonly get entry-level jobs like Management Trainee. Apart from this, they also get roles of Analysts. As per a GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey carried out in 2017, MIM hiring projections rose to 59% in 2017 as compared to 49% in 2012. As per the survey, large companies are greater possibly to employ a MIM graduate.

Types of job profiles
Popular job roles for MIM graduates are:

  • Business Development Manager
    After gaining competencies in coping with businesses, and additionally recognize a variety of aspects related to finance, marketing, business, and management, working as a Business advisor can be suitable work for you. They are responsible for growing the commercial enterprise with the aid of bringing new customers to their organization. 
  • Digital/Social Media Manager
    This is a key vicinity these days for any enterprise as it is one of the fundamental areas for agencies for advertising and marketing and communication. This job involves a lot of accountability, as right here you are the face of your enterprise to the world. Moreover, you recognize how to use a variety of social media platforms to their fullest and additionally have a creative outlook in order to run social media campaigns. 
  • Project Manager
    Project Managers can work in any field/sector from healthcare to marketing to infrastructure or IT. They are accountable for getting the work carried out within tight schedules. They need to work under strain and tight conditions and should be in a position to manage the group well. Their verbal exchange and organizing skills prove beneficial in this role. 


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