I want to pursue MBA in Norway. Can I know eligibility?

Asked by Sarga Rajesh over 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

Every MBA university or College abroad have a pre-defined eligibility requirement. Read all about it below and see if you check all the necessary boxes to study MBA abroad.  

Academic Requirements
Academic requirements to study MBA abroad can be listed to be your CGPA and a relevant degree in the field: 

The Cumulative Grade Point Average is the reflection of your consistent performance. Against the common myth that your college CGPA doesn’t matter, you will need to maintain a good CGPA of at least during your Bachelor’s degree if you are planning to take an MBA abroad. The accepted CGPA abroad is 7 or above. 

Since you are planning to take up a Master’s degree you ought to have a Bachelor’s degree in any domain such as Bachelor’s of Arts (BA), Bachelor’s of Engineering (BE), Bachelor’s of Technology (B.Tech), Bachelor’s of Science (BSc). A degree from a renowned university will give you an edge over your peers. 

Work Experience
Education at the high-rated B-schools is not restricted by learning theories within the classroom walls. It is a learning experience where every student gains skills and is enriched in an overall manner. These B-schools are looking for competent students who are not just academically equipped but are wholly industry ready. Thus, emphasizing on work experience of 2 to 4 years. 

A foreign MBA requires you to have skills of teamwork, real-world business insights, case studies, group projects, role-playing, simulations, case discussions etc. Hence, many of the top B-schools require professionals with relevant work experience of a few years.

The final step of your application is a personal interview. It is in this round that the admission committee thoroughly analyzes your application and throws the necessary questions to you. Once you are through the interview and get selected, you will soon see yourself in your dream MBA university.


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