I want to pursue Masters in Computer Science?

Asked by Sukesha chandrakant shinde about 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

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So it’s great that you have decided which course to opt for your masters as deciding the field of study itself can be a tough task for many. Now that you have a destination in mind, you just need to figure out the journey. 

There are various countries that offer an MS in Computer Science degree but it is important to carefully choose your university and country as it would be the final stone in your education. 

I have created a list of countries that are considered best not just because of world rankings but because of their best-renowned universities, industry-relevant curriculum, expert and trained faculty, fantastic student support and placement opportunities like no other. 

Top Countries for MS in CS

1. United States- Some of the best engineering universities in the USA include - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University among many more

2. United Kingdom- The top 3 engineering universities in the UK are the University of Oxford, University College London, University of Cambridge.

3. Australia- The top engineering universities in Australia include the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales etc. 

4. Canada- The top engineering colleges in Canada are the University of Toronto, McGill University and The University Of British Columbia. 

5. Germany- The top engineering universities in Germany are the University Of Freiburg, Technical University Munich and the University Of Wuerzburg. 

The most important thing that you need to consider while choosing your country and university is your eligibility as all the top universities like MIT, Stanford, McGill University etc. have specific eligibility requirements and you surely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of getting shortlisted to these universities because of some misinformation about the eligibility requirements. 

I know it can seem a bit difficult to do all this by yourself. I suggest you get in touch with experts for free at https://bit.ly/34cc10E 

They will guide you through everything from university eligibility to the complete admission process. 

You can also connect with me and let me know about your profile. In that case, I would be able to check your eligibility for the top universities. 



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