I want to peruse masters in Canada. I completed my BBA degree in human resources management. Can you give me a brief explanation?

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

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MBA in HR in Canada, also known as Human Resource Management, is a two-year degree programme focusing on business human resource ideas. It is an advanced speciality of a standard MBA degree. The tuition expenses for the full programme range from 15,000 to 82,000 CAD. The course costs between 9 Lac to 47.3 Lac for Indian students. According to job bank Canada, the average salary for a Human Resource Manager is 89,440 CAD (51.46 Lac). An MS in Human Resources Management (MHRM) is not the same as an MBA-HR. Although both degrees can be finished in two years, an MBA programme's tuition is significantly higher. Some of the documents required for admission are as follows:

A bachelor's degree from a reputable university
Recommendation Letters
Scores for English Language Proficiency
Scores of your GMAT/GRE exam
Some of the top universities that you can target are:

University of Toronto
University of Calgary
York University
Brock University
University of Fredericton
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