Which country is best for a Masters in Human Resource Management and its total fees and accommodation cost?

Asked by Mohammad Omer Ahmed almost 2 years ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

For human resource management, I suggest not looking for big countries. Because Human Resource is less of an industrial sector than personal development. Instead, see which countries have better development options. In place of recommending the USA or UK, I think Canada will be better for a Masters in Human Resource Management in current times.

To be frank, Canada is currently the #1 country for studying abroad. For areas like human resources, it has many better options. Plus, your total fee and accommodation is more affordable in Canada than in the top countries mentioned before. For universities, here are my suggestions -

1. The University of Winnipeg
2. Centennial  College
3. Humber College
4. Trent University

The University of Winnipeg would be my first priority because they have more courses in human resource management. The best thing is that you can do either full-time masters or online certification courses in HRM from The University of Winnipeg. Centennial, Humber and Trent are also very good. They are quite popular names in Canada. I suggest you start working on your admission process right now.

For your total fees and accommodation cost, it depends. Because in Canada, you get all kinds of HRM courses. That can range from INR 10-40 lakhs yearly. For an average rate, I would say it would take an estimated amount of 20 lakhs to get into a good university there. Accommodation costs can be like 6-10 lakhs per year. Hence, the total cost estimation would be around INR 30 lakhs per year.


Share your exact budget details and your profile with me. By looking at your records and resources, it will be very easy to find some best human resource management in Canada. 



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