I want to know the postgraduate courses I can do after my Bachelors in Accounting and Finance Degree?

Currently im working at an Insurance firm in Accounts department and i have completed my Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. So i had always planned on doing my Masters while working and right now im not satisfied with my job role as im doing it for experience. I am good at sports and want to be in the sports field but to get there i have minimal idea, so i have been looking at the Masters Program in Sports Management but not sure about the outcome after i complete it because MBA is costly and i want to be sure before putting in my money on something. So i want to know my options and whats best for me, so kindly help if possible. Thanks!

Asked by Shivaramakrishnan Nair almost 2 years ago

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Silvia Malloy

Silvia Malloy

CEO & Founder at Conva

Accounting and Finance are the best commerce degree you can have right now. Because there are universities in top countries that specialize in these kinds of courses. Like you must know how business schools are so important when it comes to a university value. Basically, business degrees are the most focused area of education.

Specifically, after a bachelors in accounting and finance, you have various good options. You can do an MBA, MIM, or MS courses in accounting or finance or an applied course or maybe even a commerce specialization program and so on. Basically, you have a ton of options. But if you want the best ones, I have some names for you.


  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Master of Management (MiM)
  3. Master of Finance (MFin)
  4. MSc Corporate Finance
  5. MSc Applied Accounting
  6. MSc in Accounting and Finance

Generally, an MBA and MiM are different.. Instead of the subject, your major focus will be on administrative roles. You will mainly see managerial and administrative jobs after an MBA and MIM. These are one of the biggest business degrees worldwide. Since it matches your background perfectly and has big career options, I would definitely recommend doing an MBA or MiM (if you don't have much work experience).

The other ones are also good options. They are more concerned with your familiar subjects. In these programs, you will mainly work with core subject areas and topics. MFin is basically one of the highest-paid degrees in the world, not just in business but overall. While the others have their own supremacy.

What I recommend is to find a university first. Because this is the first step along with selecting a program. If you have both of these planned, everything else will be sorted  out. However, if it seems complex to you, get in touch with experts here. They will guide you through your higher education process.


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