I want to know the list of documents needed to apply for spouse visa for Canada?

Asked by Patel Azhar almost 2 years ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

Well, most of the documents for applying for a spouse visa in Canada will be related to your spouse, everyone knows that. When you bring your spouse or wife to a foreign country, they are eligible for either a study or work permit or even for visitor visa. All in all, it is not that tough to get your partner with you in a forrign country.

But as you asked, there will be some documents that the Canadian government will ask for your spouse. If you want a simple list of document, here are they -

  • passport and travel history
  • background documentation
  • your spouse dominations like ID
  • marriage certificate (& other relationship proof)
  • your income proof (security related documents)
  • application and fee

Income proofs vey important. It is flexible flexible and an alternative can be submitted  instead of it. Like if you are a student pursuing a degree from Canada, you can use your admission letter and some other documents here. Because it's not necessary that you would have a job while you study there.

Nowadays, many people are doing their abroad studies with their spouse in Canada and other countries. After graduation, they plan to settle in the county so why not bring your partner with you? However, I suggest getting a consultant on this. Because even for Canada, which is a very welcoming country, the process can be complex.

If you are a student and plan to manage all this with your study in Canada, let me know. I can help ease out and also assist in visa and scholarship procedures. Just leave down a comment if you want any specific information.


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