I want to know, after BSc Nursing, which postgraduate courses and colleges in the USA are good for studies and what are the duration of the courses?

Asked by Nikhil Baman over 1 year ago

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Ajay Tewani

Ajay Tewani

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It depends on what you like. Are you open to the relevant fields or just want to follow the nursing core particularly? I suppose I can suggest a few options that you can choose from, right? Your choice of clutter is really good, it will be easier to suggest good universities  there.

Three of my colleagues have already gone to the USA for pharmacy and medical courses. I myself have worked in pharmaceutical organizations to know better. Anyway, I have some really good  options for postgraduate courses you can do after a BSc Nursing. Take a look at these recommendations -

  • MSc Nursing
  • ADN (The Associate Degree in Nursing) Programs
  • Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing (MSN)
  • Doctor of  Nursing Practice (DNP)

The most standard choice here is a MSc degree in Nursing. It will basically enhance your knowledge and teach you to practice Nursing.  These courses are very academic and filled with advanced knowledge in the subject. I mean you can most definitely aim for a practice after an MSc degree in nursing.

ADN programs are the most common and most chosen ones by nursing students. These degrees are mostly offered by community colleges or similar nursing schools. They are very popular in countries abroad  because they basically allow you to work in a region a s a nursing expert. Last two options are your extra choices. MSN and DNP programs are very popular and available at most medical institutes.

For university, I recommend John Hopkins Duke, Emory and University of Washington. These are the very best universities in the USA for nursing courses. They have good programs and very specialized medical departments.  The courses  there are mostly 15 months to 3 years long. Just the ADN program takes around 2-3 years.

And that’s it. I believe it's all you asked about. Try FREE SCHOOL EXPLORE to see which universities are the best for you. You just have to put a few of your academic details in and it will generate you university names relevant to your qualification. Let me know if I missed anything.


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