I want to know if there is GRE waiver for MS in MIS or in Business Analytics for Spring 23 in USA. Which universities should I target?

I am looking for universities offering GRE waiver for my profile. I am currently looking to apply for Spring '23. I don't have time to attempt GRE and my mock returned a score of 295 (153 - Q, 142 - V). So even my GRE score is going to end up around 295. I am done with my Bachelor's and looking to apply ASAP. I have 6.8 CGPA and 7.5 bands in IELTS. 10th- 85%, 12th- 73%.

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

First, let us understand the reason behind the GRE Waiver 2023. Due to the closure of numerous test centres worldwide and the growth of uncertain situations because of the Covid-19 pandemic, various Universities have decided to go for the GRE Waiver spring of 2023. The spring season begins from January to March, depending upon the universities and programs. 

However, each University has set its eligibility criteria that the student should fulfil to get admission into that specific University. 

Although, students must take care of the following pointers listed below:

Excellent academic background
Professional work experience
Statement of purpose
Letter of recommendation 
Detailed CV 
Good English proficiency test scores 

Given below is the list of universities in the USA waiving GRE in spring 2023 for MS in MIS/Business Analytics:

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
University of California, Berkeley
Northwestern University
Bentley University
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Texas A&M University
Cornell University 
Purdue University 

Therefore, you can apply to these universities in the spring of 2023. Make sure you abide by the significant pointers mentioned above. Generally, every University waiving GRE will pay more attention to those pointers.


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