I want to know if I can get scholarship to study abroad so that it becomes affordable for me.?

Asked by Suhana Rao almost 2 years ago

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Hello, you can definitely apply for scholarships 

There are mainly two kinds of scholarships: merit based scholarship and need based scholarship

Merit based scholarships are offered to students with exceptional academic records and students with unique and strong profiles. Students who the admission committee think will benefit from the course the most and can add value to the school are given merit based scholarships

On the other hand Need based scholarships are given to students who are eligible for the course and the school also wants them in their program but can’t afford it.

For this you will need to submit proof that you need this financial aid like by submitting your family’s annual income.

Here’s a list of few scholarships you can apply to:

LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship
TATA Trusts 
Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship
DAAD Scholarship
Orange Tulip Scholarship
Felix Scholarship
And many more

I would suggest Directly get in touch with Experts here. 

They have been helping students get into their dream schools abroad for a long time now and so they can help you with all the relevant information as well as assist you in the entire process. 


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