I want to know if I can do an internship or a 6 or 8-month course in the field of HR. I wish to pursue my education in the US, Canada or Australia.?

Asked by Sarah Manikam over 1 year ago

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Faisal Mohdd

Faisal Mohdd

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One of any company's most crucial portfolios is its human resources. This career is suited for you if you enjoy problem-solving and decision-making, think of yourself as having a high EQ and excellent comprehension skills and are not scared of taking on leadership responsibilities. Being organised, diligent, and emphatic are qualities that every HR professional strives to possess. With an MBA in HR, you may enhance your pre-existing talents to help you succeed professionally and personally. You will also be equipped with the course's fundamentals.

Canada is quickly overtaking other countries as the top destination for immigrants who wish to study and work overseas. This is due to the nation's reputation for having the top academics, universities, and courses. Additionally, the nation welcomes citizenship applications and permits permanent immigration, making it more appealing to applicants. 

  1. Brock University
  2. Ottawa University
  3. The University of Toronto
  4. The University of Fredericton

The USA, well-known for its diversity and vibrant ethnic atmosphere, is also seeing many students, particularly MBA applicants. The nation offers 370 courses in various specialisations, and its universities are among the top 300 in the globe. 

  1. Pittsburg State University,
  2. Pace University,
  3. The University of New Orleans
  4. The University of North Texas 

The country south is a fantastic destination, but it's even better for living and studying! The nation welcomes a whopping 80,000 MBA students each year despite having one of the greatest ROI on MBA programs and being home to some of the best HR MBA programs in the world. 

  1. Curtin University,
  2. Deakin University,
  3. The Australian National University
  4. University of Queensland 

A new universe of opportunities will await you once you earn your HR MBA from a foreign country. Most frequently, when you graduate from college, one of the greatest companies in the country with lucrative clientele will offer you employment.

Average Annual Salary (USD): 46,000
Average Annual Salary (USD): 67,000
Average Annual Salary (USD): 1,06,762.92

As can be seen, there will be far more options available to you after doing your MBA in HR overseas than in your native nation. You empower and satisfy yourself when you travel to a study abroad location to achieve your academic objectives.


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