I want to know about universities that offer scholarships in US for undergraduation.?

Asked by Ananya Singh almost 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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USA Undergraduate Scholarships help students who have completed their school level education and are going to take their first step towards earning an undergraduate degree. The universities and colleges offer bachelor degrees to students in various excellent areas ranging from commerce to science, engineering to arts, social studies to humanity etc. Top universities, colleges and organizations all over the world are providing undergraduate scholarships to encourage potential students to choose USA as their study destination.

Here is a list of universities that offer UG scholarships in USA:
1. Hastings College Scholarships

2. Florida Atlantic University Scholarships

3. Indiana University Bloomington Scholarships

4. Clark University Scholarships

5. Stratford University Scholarships

Also different schools and courses have different scholarships so you need to check the scholarship that caters to your course of interest. 

So tell me more about the course you wish to pursue and based on that I’ll be able to tell you about the suitable scholarship. 



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