I want to have further degree in interior designing abroad. How can i avail such university or school, and also wanna know about the scholarship there?

Asked by Omkar Nalawade almost 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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Hey Omkar. Hope everything is going well!

First of all, let me just mention that interior designing is a course that fascinates me a lot. So, as far as I know, you can pursue your Masters in Design with a specialization in interior designing and there are a lot of universities abroad that can give you a platform to brush your interior design knowledge and give you exposure to the design industry.

Top Universities for Masters in Interior Designing

  1. New York School of Interior Design, New York
  2. RMIT University, Melbourne
  3. Visual College of Art and Design, Vancouver
  4. Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia
  5. The Interior Design School, London

From doctors to celebrities, you’ll be designing for almost everybody so you need to have a quality education which can give you insights into the trends and new technology. After all, you would be required to understand your client’s needs and deliver more than they expect. And that is why getting shortlisted in an exceptional design school is very important. 

Do you want me to find out more about any specific university? We can discuss your academics which will help me find out the universities that you’re eligible for. Also, I can give you insights on the admission process and scholarships once I know what all universities you’re eligible for. 



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