I want to go for mba in ib or hr?

Asked by Divyanshu Mittal over 1 year ago

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Hey, A two-year postgraduate program called the MBA in International Business is aimed to teach students about international trade, foreign investments, export management, and forex risk management. Students who pursue an MBA in International Business study how to grow their businesses internationally. Students gain the ability to recognize and respond to situations that have an impact on global markets.

Note 50% to 60% of a bachelor's degree is required for eligibility. The MBA in International Business Admission process is merit-based, however various bodies also hold tests for college admission, including the GMAT. 

Some top universities for the same are -

New York University
University of Florida
University of Chicago

Talking about MBA in HR, the admission requirements and process would be somewhat the same however it purely depends upon your interest whether you want to specialize in IB or HR.

I hope this was helpful.



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