I want to do masters in finance but I am from an engineering background. Can I get into some colleges or not?

Asked by Sushant Sinha about 2 years ago

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Hey Sushant, how are you doing?

The simplest answer to your question is YES. You can definitely pursue a master in finance even with an engineering background. By the query itself, it is safe to assume you did not plan for this in advance. In this case, it is important to know some factors. For starters, the combination of engineering and finance itself is considered quality career development opportunities by experts. Engineers have analytical skills that correspond with the financial sector. This facilitates you to adapt the financial application in a much better manner. The financial employer looks for transferable abilities and an understanding of the market. With different expertise at your disposal, you become an obvious choice.

Do you also need any help in shortlisting the right universities for doing your masters? Let me know and I shall share the right resources with you. 



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