I want to do bachelors from Australia . Please suggest level 1 university in regional area?

Asked by Gurdeep Bhardwaj about 2 years ago

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dania ortega

dania ortega

Operations Analyst at WD

Australia is a good pick. My relative's brother has recently applied for a CS undergrad program in Monash University there. I have to say that the student services in Australia are at par with top countries like the USA and UK. You can target universities there for both bachelors and masters. In fact I will suggest doing your masters from the same country after you finish your undergraduate.

If you really want a tier-1 university in a regional area, I suggest checking out Melbourne University. Of course my recommendation is a little biased as I’m already familiar with the university. But this way at least you are getting genuine information. See, the institute is already one of the best universities in the country, there's no denying that. But along with it you get many other good things.

First  of all, Melbourne is home to world-class infrastructure and research facilities. It attracts a large number of international students when it comes to studying abroad. It's not just a hoax, apparently Melbourne is said to be the best city for international students in Australia. I suggest you start packing now.

You will get a good equation from a top rated city plus the cost of education in Australia is relatively lower than other major countries. I don’t see why someone wouldn't consider Australia for a bachelor course. Some other best options for you bachelors are University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and The Australian National University.

It’s better to find more suited options instead of browsing from hundreds of them. If you can share your peak interests like university type, bachelor subject, budget etc. I can find the best answer for you. 


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