I want to do an M.Sc in agriculture in Canada but I am very confused about which college is perfect for me?

Asked by Taljeet kaur over 1 year ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

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Hi Taljeet, how are you?

There is nothing wrong in being confused when choosing the most suitable university for your master's degree so don’t worry. I have tried to mention the top universities in Canada which provide the best training and curriculum for an M.Sc in Agriculture. 

Top Universities in Canada for M.Sc in Agriculture

1. University of Guelph
2. McGill University
3. University of Alberta
4. Laval University
5. University of Saskatchewan

While these are considered the most popular universities in Canada for an M.Sc in Agriculture, you should also see if you match their academic requirements mentioned on their official website. You can also evaluate your profile at  https://bit.ly/3JLXrwB and get your ideal school list for free.

Was this information helpful? Let me know if you want to know about the admission process of any specific university. 




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