I want to become a business woman so which course is good for me to study abroad?

Asked by Devyani Dahiphale over 2 years ago

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According to the definition of "businesswoman," a woman who works in business, particularly in a high position and skilled in handling business and financial matters, is a businesswoman. In addition, you would require management abilities, marketing skills, and financial knowledge, all of which are addressed in an MBA programme.

While most American colleges offer business courses, certain elite universities do not. Consider enrolling in accounting, marketing, corporate finance, personal finance, microeconomics, and, if available, entrepreneurship classes (how to start a business). Knowing how to use Excel might be beneficial even if it's often not a college course (spreadsheet software). In some firms in the future, understanding database software would be helpful. A study in public speaking might be beneficial.

A trade group can provide you with trade analyses, newsletters, industry analyses, and other information. In addition, most of the knowledge you will need is industry-specific. For example, some colleges offer business school-like courses that follow the "case method" pioneered by Harvard Business School, in which you analyse one company, develop a marketing strategy. A financial strategy (by issuing stock, borrowing money from banks, or issuing bonds), deal with hiring new CEOs or launching new product lines, conduct market research, and write a report similar to that of a management consultant.

If you major in business at a college, there are usually already a set of courses tailored for students who want to continue to business school. Take them all. Additionally, you will require basic knowledge learned in non-business studies to succeed in many business fields. Chinese, Spanish, English, psychology, and cross-cultural studies are just a few subjects that CEOs and their staff employ as background knowledge. Writing, reading, and basic critical thinking abilities. Logic and ethics in philosophy. Classes for sensitivity that are not related to your religion or ethnicity.

Speak with some businesswomen in the field you might be interested in, and find out what they wish they had done and studied.


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