I want to ask which are the best university for mba with good ranking and low fees?

Asked by Manikant almost 2 years ago

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Here is a list of the top universities based on FT Rankings along with their GMAT score requirement as well as the average fees:


 1          The Wharton School                                                 733                               $84,874  

 2          Columbia Business School                                         729                              $77,376

 3          Harvard                                                                      730                               $73,440

 4          INSEAD                                                                    709                              €91,225

 5         Kellogg Business School                                         727                                 $76,368

 6       Stanford Graduate School of Business                   738                                  $76,950     

 7     Chicago Booth                                                          732                                $77,841

 8      London Business School                                           708                              £97,500        

If you need any further assistance to apply to any of these universities, I suggest you directly get in touch with Study Abroad Experts here.  They will not just help you with relevant information but also assist you in the entire application process for free.

Hope this helps!


Divya Rastogi

Divya Rastogi

MentR-Me Team

When evaluating the best universities for an MBA abroad, several key factors come into play. The goal is to find institutions that offer a robust educational experience without the burden of excessive costs.

Countries like Germany and Canada, are known for their high-quality education and relatively lower tuition fees. For example, schools like Mannheim Business School in Germany offer programs that are consistently ranked highly while maintaining lower tuition fees compared to their American counterparts. Similarly, Canadian universities such as Rotman and Schulich provide competitive MBA programs with more reasonable fees.

From a financial standpoint, it's beneficial to consider the total cost of attendance beyond tuition. This includes living expenses, travel, and additional fees. Some universities offer scholarships and financial aid options specifically designed for international students, which can significantly reduce the financial strain.

Furthermore, prospective students should assess the return on investment (ROI) by examining alumni success and employment rates post-graduation. Universities that have strong ties to the global business community and a robust alumni network can enhance job prospects, which is crucial for justifying the investment in an MBA program.

In summary, when searching for an MBA program abroad with good rankings and low fees, it's essential to weigh the quality of education, cost-effectiveness, and potential ROI. Universities in Germany and Canada often strike an attractive balance between these factors, making them excellent choices for prospective MBA students.



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