I want honest reviews about cass business school, city university of London. Upon searching on the internet I only get positive reviews from their site and none of the honest reviews of students and the university. It’ll be great if you could help?

Asked by Nitya Jain over 1 year ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

Hello Nitya, how are you doing?

So first of all, I can totally relate to your question. I myself have been searching for a good MIM degree and all I see is top colleges in the UK for MIM, top colleges in Europe for MIM. Anyways, I think I can help give you some specifics as I have a friend attending the same university. But first, I want to clarify that the name has been changed to Bayes Business School.

There are actually two sides to this story, one is academic and the other is the lifestyle. For academics, I’m sure the school is as good as it is because it started as one of the best b schools in the UK. And as far as I know, the network that the business school provides is really impressive. I have myself read terrible reviews but suggesting this point in favour. And the student support services are also good, just not as good for employees there.

The area where the school lacks is their total awareness and job fairs. Like the guy I know has pointed out that even the professors at the school sometimes lack beyond the trend and some methodologies are out of date. For jobs, the school really brings top companies like Deloitte and Goldman Sachs. But the process lacks a bit. You may find a little sloppiness while delivering all your potential. But even so, it does not make a big difference.

For the lifestyle value, there are only a few minor problems about accommodation and nothing else. But I guess it happens at every college right? I remember living in hostels for my bachelor's degree. The university definitely has an influence but students have more. Anyway, other than that I can guarantee you that the lifestyle at Bayes or say Cass is truly as good as reviews. I would personally go there if I could. And the surroundings are at par with the UK level.

I can see how searching for top business schools such as Bayes shows only positive results. But the only reason for this is that the positive ones rule out the negative by huge numbers. And I can say that Bayes is definitely a better place to pursue your studies.

Let me know if this helped and if you want me to give you any more detailed information. 


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