I want a list of universities that gives maximum admit percentage for Fall 2023. Do you charge for admission and other things or is it free?

Asked by BANDI SHARON LILY (N130385) over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

Abroad countries are filled with numerous types of universities. While some students look for the most diverse universities or universities that have the highest graduation rate, your choice is completely logical. I know a thing or two about abroad study as I have personally guided students on their abroad study journey.

See, the list of universities you want should not be from a single location. Having options is always better. I suggest going through universities with a maximum admit percentage from different countries. The major ones are the USA, UK, Canada and Australia of course. I have listed a few universities from this particular country here; take a look.


  • Arizona State University - 88%
  • Auburn University - 85%
  • Aberystwyth University - 96%
  • University of Roehampton - 94%
  • University of Brunswick - 74%
  • Toronto University of Management - 60%
  • La Trobe University - 100%
  • James Cook University - 79%

2 universities from all the countries mentioned simultaneously. The percentage is to show the admit percentage overall. You can reach out if you want to know about some specific program acceptance rate or say any detail. For now, I think this is enough. Remember you always have more options to browse. If these universities do not suit your interests, you only have to ask.


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