I scored 7 bands in IELTS and BCom scored 57. What are the chances of visa rejection looking to choose a PG diploma in supply chain or any other course?

Will my visa get rejected

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

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International students who want to find out about in Canada are required to have a learn about allow and an entry visa. The system of making use of for and acquiring a Candian student visa/study allow follows post admission in a DLI (Designated Learning Institute). According to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizens Canada), the variety of global students holding a Canadian student visa is more than 3,50,000, and this number will increase every year. 

A upward jab in applications has resulted in a surplus of Canada student visa rejections. As per CIC, each year an average of 30% of the whole pupil visa applications for Canada are rejected. Most of these rejections are based totally on some of the common reasons. 

With a steady upward thrust in visa applications every 12 months a lot of visas get canceled. As per the reports, extra than 30% of Canadian students’ visas are canceled each year. Students who utilized for their bachelor's to find out about in Canada suffered the most rejection and those who utilized for their doctorate suffered the least. 

Reasons for Rejection for Canadian Student Visa
International college students looking for a Canadian student visa gratifying all the minimum criteria for admissions are typically constructive about the decision. It is, however, located that a study permit might also be refused even when the applicant fulfills tutorial and admission necessities for an institution. Some of the popular reasons for rejection of find out about visa via IRCC are listed below:

Financial Insufficiency
Proof of sufficient money for the first year of the course/program is the minimal requirement for analyzing in Canada. However, the Canada scholar visa utility might also be rejected if the immigration officer suspects economic insufficiency.

Applicants can address this problem by using ensuring that they do no longer in basic terms center of attention on the minimum fund required. Proof of ample finances for greater than one year, along with the additional files aiding the finances can be included along with the application.

Choice of Program
If the visa officer questions the preference of a software opted through the applicants your Canadian scholar visa might also get rejected. In cases where the chosen program does not align with the applicant’s academic or employment background, the probabilities of visa rejection are increased.

Applicants can address this problem by using which include a particular private assertion for the desire of program, in case it does no longer align with previous training or work experience. For candidates whose choice aligns with their preceding background, distinct schooling records or work records can be attached alongside with the applications.

Letter of Acceptance
A letter of acceptance from a Canadian DLI is required for applying for the find out about permit. If the applicant’s acceptance letter is in question, the Canada pupil visa may be rejected. Along with the letter of acceptance, the applicants are required to meet the minimal entry requirements for the specific institution. If the visa officer doubts whether the minimum necessities are met by way of the applicant, the scholar visa may be rejected.


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