I need to know the list of universities with their fees waiver for ms computer science or Ms Data science course based?

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

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MS in Computer Science is common. only offered as a Master of Science (MSc) degree. It is offered as a one-year or two-year course depending on the USA where you are pursuing it. The diploma program includes USAanced coursework like Data Science, artificial intelligence, software program engineering, scientific computing, and data systems. This software allows you to follow algorithmic ideas and mathematical foundations to real-world problems. 

Through this course, one is additionally outfitted with skills like designing and enforcing a computer-based system, and programming and applying graph and development standards to make one of a kind software systems. 

Data science is arising done-of-a-kindt is growing in reputation amongst students, and it’s no longer challenging to see why. As records turn into extra valuable to corporations round the world, return records science graduates who can inground and extract means from it are fairly sought after.

Data science is a mixture of information and pc science, so is a super choice for those with a love of computing, numbers andsuperbnalytical mind. Degree packages in data science are noticeably new, however, analysing overseas can supply you access to some of the great courses in the world. 

Following are the  list of universities with their fees waiver for ms dispute science or M.s Data science:- 

University of East London INR 12,56,310
Coventry University INR 16,47,162
Technical university of Munich INR 16.26 L
University of Melbourne INUniversity0
Teesside University INR 12,09,780


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