I need college recommendations for MSCS My profile : CGPA : 8.43 IELTS : 7.5 GRE : 298?

Asked by Bhanu Teja over 1 year ago

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Hey, your CGPA and IELTS both are excellent, and even your GRE is pretty decent so you can definitely target the Top Universities for MS in Computer Science. 


University of Oxford, UK
Stanford University, USA
University of Toronto, Canada
University of Sydney, Australia
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Here, we are providing some details about the eligibility and additional requirements for international students -

Bachelor’s Degree
To pursue a master's in computer science, international students need to provide a bachelor's degree certificate with a  minimum GPA of 3.5 or above.

English Language Tests Scores
students have to submit their scores from different English Language Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL. The minimum score requirements for the exams are mentioned below. 

TOEFL: 95-110
IELTS: 6.5 - 7.0
PTE: 50-59

To apply for a computer science postgraduate degree, students will also have to submit their standardized entrance test scores, such as GMAT or GRE scores. While GMAT is specifically considered for management courses, GRE is an essential entrance for master's programs abroad. Here are the score requirements for both. 

GMAT: 500 - 600
GRE: 320 - 350

Work Experience
It is mandatory for international students to have some sort of work experience in order to pursue a master's degree in the field of computer science abroad. Some of the top universities for MS in computer science demand a work experience of at least 3 years from the students.

I hope this helps!

Neema Nigam

Neema Nigam

Sr. Consultant

Considering your academic achievements and IELTS score, you have several options for pursuing an MSCS. Your GRE score might limit options slightly but there are still plenty of schools where you can apply successfully. Universities such as Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Florida, and North Carolina State University could be great choices.

These institutions offer a balance of theoretical and practical learning experiences, which could significantly enhance your employability. Additionally, you should consider applying to programs that offer assistantships and work-study options to mitigate the cost of tuition and gain valuable experience. Tailoring your application to highlight your specific interests in computer science will also be crucial.




Congrats on securing great on your academic and entrance tests! Certainly, you have top college options abroad for MSCS. However, to suggest a few colleges abroad, it will be better if you could share your career aspirations, goals, and other considerations. Depending on those, you will receive tailored suggestions from seasoned experts. Connect today and get complete guidance at no cost. 


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