I am a mechanical engineer, which country is best option for me and which course is suitable for me?

Asked by Keval patel almost 2 years ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

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Hello, in my opinion, an MS in Mechanical Engineering is the greatest fit for a master's degree for a guy with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Industrial Engineering is another strong fit for you. Chemical Engineering may be useful in the pump or industrial mixing fields depending on your post-BS employment experience. Now, as far as the best country for you is concerned, though very competitive, the United States is a good market for mechanical engineers. A successful career demands a lot of hard work and a degree from a prestigious university. The top markets for mechanical engineers are in Michigan, where many automotive engineering jobs are located. The Atlanta area has many HVAC positions, while the California area has mechanical jobs in various industries, with many startups being founded daily. The colleges in the United States are ranked the finest for mechanical engineering, and if you are only concerned with the quality of education, you should look to the United States. University of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Georgia Tech, University of Wisconsin, Stanford, and UC Berkeley is the top universities I recommend. But apart from the USA, there are some other countries as well that you go for:

United Kingdom
If you have any other doubts regarding any university from the above-mentioned country, just ask us.



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