I just completed my graduation in 2022with a stream of bsc (maths, electronics, Internet of things) I want to do MCA. Can I get admission to study abroad?

Asked by Pavani Challa over 1 year ago

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Vanshika Yadav

Vanshika Yadav

MentR-Me Team

Hey, computer science is a two-year degree programme in the United States and Europe. Computer Applications is a subset of computer science studied in preparation for a career in IT, robotics, software development, and other fields. The average tuition for Computer Science in the United States ranges from 13500 USD to 141000 USD, while in Europe it ranges from 288-6660 Euros. Over 400 Computer Science courses in Canada and over 40 Colleges in Germany offer these courses. Here are the eligibility criteria for pursuing MCA abroad:

A good GRE/GATE score
A good score in Language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS and others.
The high percentage in Undergraduate Examination.
Approved working papers
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