I just completed my bachelor's degree in BCA (computer science). Now I am planning for MBA. Can you suggest some MBA specializations related to Computer Science?

Asked by Patil Priyanka Pundlikrao almost 2 years ago

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MentR-Me Team

The route of MBA in Computer Science is moreover recognized as MBA in Computer Management. MBA in Computer Science has been one of the most chosen MBA specializations, particularly for B. Tech graduates. It is a postgraduate direction that is designed totally for deeper and centred study in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. After finishing a program centred around computer science at the undergraduate level, many university college students figure out an MBA in Computer Science in order to reap greater knowledge about the state of affairs before making a profession that caters especially to this field.

The MBA in Computer Science program imparts sufficient capabilities and expertise to college students that help them in planning, designing, and imposing complex purposes and software program systems. It is plain that the desire for computers, technology, and software program systems is of utmost value throughout all industries in the world today. Hence, college students who earn an MBA in Computer Science acquire various career opportunities. Designing and imposing purposes and making sure its easy functioning is integral in all sectors. Students who specialize in Computer Science in the course of Master in Business Administration provide for the wishes and desires in the technical issue of all establishments and companies.

Management gurus who specialize in computer science have a higher hand on all those university students who genuinely have a commencement degree in laptop science or a master's diploma which is solely associated with the science or technical stream. They have an acceptable understanding of the details and fundamentals of laptop science, as properly as the managerial components of it. MBA in computer science is completed within a tenure of two or three years, in accordance with the mode of study.

The MBA in pc science course makes the expert direction of college students, especially various and full of options. Several lucrative jobs and professions are presented to administration graduates specialising in laptop science. The need for folks with such a heritage is constant throughout all sectors. Hence, good revenue programs are offered to the employees who take up roles that come beneath the field of administration in the context of laptop science. Some widely widespread job roles undertaken through the capacity of graduates who complete an MBA in pc science are supplied below.\


  1. Chief Information Officer
  2. Consultant
  3. Software Publisher
  4. Commercial and Industrial Designer
  5. Computer Scientist

So these are your options but feel free to check out more.


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