I have some questions related to my admissions process for September 23 intake Canada.?

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Hey, Canada typically has three intakes: fall, winter, and summer. Popularly, September Intake is used to refer to the Fall Intake. The Fall Intake begins in September, and the application deadline often falls between December and March. With more institutions offering classes in a variety of streams than the other two intakes, it is regarded as the main intake choice in Canada.


The applications for September Intake in Canada usually begin in the month of September. Candidates interested in applying should begin their research work about universities and colleges in the month of July-August.

 They should have in-depth knowledge about the courses being offered and the ones they wish to apply for.
Candidates should familiarize themselves with various bank loans and the prerequisites for applying.
 By August end, candidates should have shortlisted at least 8-10 universities that suit their requirements.
They must also try and figure out the accommodation options available.
Once all of this is done, candidates must download the admission brochure and equip themselves properly with the necessary information about each university.

Some of the best colleges and institutions in Canada accepting September freshmen are listed below. You can look at this:

McGill University
Conestoga University
British Columbia University
Montreal University's Douglas College
Alberta University of Fanshawe College
College of George Brown University of McMaster
Lakeland University
College of Waterloo.

Let me know your questions, your preferred universities, and your course! Would be glad to answer them!

Ashish Yadav

Ashish Yadav

MentR-Me Team

For the September 2023 intake, start by ensuring your application is complete with all necessary documents—transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and any required test scores. It’s also wise to reach out directly to the admissions offices of the universities you are interested in, such as the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University, to get specific advice and ensure you meet all their criteria.


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