I have received a mail from my university that we are waiting to see you next semester what does that mean will my admission differ to another intake?

Asked by Raja manjunathareddy about 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

Getting admission in a prestigious organisation overseas is a count of extraordinary pride. It is a reward for your hard work and a sign of your merit. However, situations may arise whereby you are now not capable of being a part of the institution as expected. In such cases, if your organisation gives the deferred admissions facility, you can decide for the same. Deferment choice allows you to be part of the organisation a semester or year late. Don’t confuse it with changing direction after admission or being waitlisted.

Deferment eligibility and guidelines differ from group to institution. Some institutions do not offer this facility for international applicants. Other establishments provide the risk to defer enrolments for worldwide college students who observe inside the targeted deadline. 

This article aims to offer a clear picture of ‘deferred admissions’ and how students can use this option. If you still have questions after analysing this article, feel free to contact our counsellors who can make it clear for you.

1.Reasons for deferral

Deferment must be a cautiously regarded decision and you have to have a legitimate purpose to opt for deferred admission. Some of the reasons that are widespread encompass illness, visa-delays, army service and humanitarian service. You cannot state - ‘lack of funds’ as a reason for requesting a deferred admission. At the time of admission, you have to post a bank declaration with a small print of on hand funds. Some students remember on schooling loans. After securing a place, if you kingdom that your cash is all over it is going to sound very suspicious. 

2.The cut-off date and additional charges for deferral

Institutions will have a precise cut-off date with the aid of which the deferment utility must be received. This is normally three to five weeks before the training starts. Ensure that your software reaches properly before the deadline. Some institutions are given deferral requests without any extra fees. However, some charge a minimal fee for deferral. For example, the Northwest Missouri State University in the USA charges $50 as a deferral fee.

3.Deferment duration

The allowed length of deferment varies from institution to institution. Most establishments offer deferment by way of one admission intake. For example, if you are not able to be a part of the classes in August/September, you can request a deferment to lessons starting in January of the subsequent year. Deferment for a longer length of time is at the discretion of the institution. 

4.The validity of your check scores

The validity of taking a look at scores is an essential aspect to consider when requesting deferred admission. Language tests like the IELTS and TOEFL are valid for two years. Most of the aggressive assessments have a take a look at score validity from 2 to 4 years. So, if you have requested for a deferred admission, which suits within the validity duration of your test scores then you no longer have to worry. 

5.Effect on scholarships

Offering scholarships to college students with a deferred admission is at the discretion of the college and the scholarship awarding body. So, make certain you take a look at them earlier than asking for a deferral.


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