I have Polymer Science and Technology BE degree. Which masters course I can take?

I am looking for a master's course which has job opertunities in Australia.

Asked by Nithesh George about 2 years ago

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Nipun Mahajan

Nipun Mahajan


With your BE degree, the best program suited for you is Polymer Engineering. Think about  it. It aligns with your BE degree, suits best for you as it is the core area after your bachelor. Lastly, an engineering degree is one of the best answers if you are choosing to do it abroad. It’s because engineering courses are tech oriented.

You will basically learn the same thing that you were taught in your BE degree. Like designing, analyzing and modifying polymer materials. Unlike your BE, here you will get in depth knowledge on the subject. There will be more hands-on experience due to it being an engineering course.

If asked specifically, the course I suggest is an MSc Material Science Engineering. It will give you many electives and options to see what kind of work you prefer. Also suffering this socursein polymer engineering, because there are some excellent universities that have the options to do it from. Material science engineering is aver popular bench of engineering, if you choose to pursue one, I would go for -


  • John Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Cornell University

These are not just top universities from the USA but also the best ones for material science engineering master programs. For someone who has a polymer science and technology BE degree, I believe these are your best options. If you like any of the universities mentioned, let me know down below.

But if you are not satisfied. We can always see which university and course fits your records perfectly. Like if you can share your profile directly with me, I can get you options based on your academic profile. This way, you can eliminate unnecessary time wastage. 


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