I have my offer letter with Algoma university can I apply for a study visa in Canada now with the TOEFL bit home edition?

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

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Yes, you can certainly apply for a study visa in Canada with the TOEFL bit home edition. All international students intending to learn about Canada must have a pupil visa. In order to follow one, you need to take an English-proficiency exam and be accepted by a Canadian college or university — you will need to supply the letter of acceptance with your application.

Canada has ended up a highlighted destination for both tutorial and employment possibilities, which has given an upward jab to the range of Indians with PR visas in Canada. As is evident from the statistics of immigration.ca, about 225,000 Indians are about to keep a PR Visa. In 2018, 22% of the whole Canadian population was Indian, and it is envisioned that by 2021, it will have an awesome rise.

How to Get a PR Visa in Canada?
To reap PR Visa in Canada, a candidate has to fulfill the requirements of the Canadian Immigration branch, which consists of the qualifying score in the language skill ability exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and CELPIP.

Canada has two professional languages – English and/or French, and as per Canada’s immigration laws, The immigrants have to exhibit their English and/or French language capabilities through these tests - IELTS General training or CELPIP is adequate to fulfill the requirements.

Vital Factors to Keep in Mind
The Canadian Immigration department does not receive the IELTS Academic take a look at or CELPIP General-LS test for Express Entry.
For additional information, candidates want to take a look at the authentic website.

The rating of all these tests is valid for two years. Candidates making use of a PR Visa or job want to preserve this time period in mind. Unless they practice for two years, their ratings will not be customary no matter how high rankings are obtained.

Therefore, the candidates willing for a PR visa need to prepare for the test in a different way, and the candidate has to show skills in English and French. If you plan to get a PR Visa in Canada through TOEFL, practice English and French genuinely well.


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