I have heard that the University of Massachusetts, Lowell is a very good university with a good teacher-to-student ratio. Should I pursue a computer science master's here?

Asked by Mamta Rao about 1 year ago

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The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is a public research university that stands out for being a pioneer in research and innovation. The University of Massachusetts system is the oldest campus and has the biggest campus. Due to its extensive research efforts, it is categorised as one of R1: Doctoral Universities. In addition, the university's suburban location offers its students a vibrant cultural atmosphere.

Forty-eight doctorate programmes, 78 master's programmes, and 109 bachelor's degrees are available to students at UMass' nine schools and colleges. There are 86 award-winning professors in the College of Information and Computer Science alone. It presently has 1732 undergraduate, 396 master's, and 281 doctoral students, and it collaborates on research with more than 50 top businesses.

In 1961, UMass Amherst established Computer Science as a division of the Chemistry Department. But the Department of Computer Science didn't change its name to the College of Information and Computer Sciences until 2015.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst's MS in Computer Science programme enables students to expand their understanding of the subject and develop the abilities necessary for research and lucrative professions in the sector. However, admittance is extremely tough because the university only accepts 15–25% of the master's applicants.


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