I have finished my UG in BTech (ECE). I am planning to pursue Management+Tech oriented MEM courses in the USA.?

I have experience in Talent Acquisition (3 years), internship in Social Media Marketing, NGO experience (6 years).

Asked by Jyothi almost 2 years ago

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Edwin  Selvaraj

Edwin Selvaraj

MentR-Me Team

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First of all, what is good depends on the individual. Your ranking criteria and preferences will determine what you consider a good or bad school. Let's find out if having work experience can help you get into institutions with higher rankings.

Yes. As with your GPA, GRE score, and application materials, work experience is a supplementary qualification. However, this one is optional (it will be a little more important for Management based programs such as MIS, MEM, etc., than technical MS). Therefore, a student without work experience is NOT disadvantageous in MS applications. Let me reiterate that the MBA situation is different from this. However, if a candidate has relevant job experience, they may receive bonus points and be chosen over another candidate who otherwise has a similar profile but lacks work experience. Here, relevance is the crucial word.

Not every type of professional experience will improve your resume. I'm classifying the relevant work experience as the one that will. It is the experience you have amassed in the industry you are applying to. Therefore, expertise in the mechanical industry (engineering roles in auto businesses, etc.) will be helpful if you use automated engineering. Still, experience as a radio jockey is generally not going to be. Another factor to consider may be the duration of experience; too little job experience is limited, but 1-2 years is a reasonable time frame.

You don't immediately land your dream career after graduating from college. Then, decide if this employment role will bring you one step closer to your goal and improve your profile more than an MS would. Working there can make more sense, for instance, if you are an IITian with a terrific offer from Facebook or one of the Big 3 consulting firms because, even if you seek graduate school in the future, this work experience will greatly improve your candidacy. Now, if you have to choose between Facebook and MIT, I'd say Facebook is the better option because you're already a rock star.

While having 1-3 years of job experience is acceptable, more experience won't help you gradually get into a better program. Decide whether or not you want to pursue an MS as soon as you can after graduating. In contrast to an MBA, where job experience is far more valuable and significant, this is different.


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