I have finished my BE in Chemical Eng. I want to do Ms after gaining 1 year of working exp. in India but many people tell me that its good to do after 2 year exp. as 1 year exp. is not much useful?

Asked by Abhishek soni over 1 year ago

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In the end, it all depends upon your test scores and how well you have done in college; if your test score is high, then 1-year work experience is enough. Though you must comprehend two things. You'll likely need to start by doing some catch-up work in fundamental courses in chemical engineering, like transport phenomena, phase equilibria, reactor analysis, and process design. This varies depending on the school. Accepting the guidance and doing the assignment, even if it requires further schooling, is all I can suggest. In the end, if you apply for positions in the oil and gas industry, this will seem good on your resume. The second step is to comprehend why you might receive funding. Either teaching assistantships or research assistantships provide the funding. In any situation, make sure you are aware of your expectations and put out every effort to live up to them. Too many children believe they are receiving funding because they are naturally gifted. Most institutions don't operate in this way. In exchange for financial assistance, you will be required to perform duties. Your experience and final outcomes will be better if you realise it and learn to make use of the research chances sooner rather than later.


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