I have done my bachelors in interior designing and I want to know about the post graduation courses in interior designing?

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Interior Design is becoming an extremely popular career choice in India. The craze for this profession has gained momentum after the wives of famous Bollywood stars, including the likes of Gauri Khan, Twinkle Khanna and Suzanne Khan have started their own labels. But what do interior designers do and what is their work profile actually like? Interior designers are people who work in close proximity to architects. They help in planning out the layout of an establishment which can be a house, office, or any other commercial complex in such a manner that the area at hand is utilised in the best possible way.

Interior designers help firms/homeowners in planning out the layout, structure, colour schemes, furnishings, and decorations of their properties. The main task of an interior designer/decorator is to make any establishment look attractive and also offer utility items. The most common and popular career profiles after pursuing an interior design course are to become Interior designers and interior decorators.

Masters in Interior Design provides an open platform to develop as an interior designer and other related areas of practice effectively. Furthermore, the UK is renowned for being the home of world recognised universities and colleges. Apart from this, some of the reasons why to study masters in interior designing in the UK are given below

Strong Position: As stated earlier, the UK is home of world recognised and top ranked universities across the world. There are many best universities for masters in interior design in UK, out of which most of them are highly ranked. According to QS Rankings, 32 UK universities are among the world' Top 250 best art and design subject rankings. And it is worthwhile to say that the top 2 are also located in the UK.

Career Opportunities: There are also tremendous opportunities for students to excel in the interior design in the UK. Demand for interior design graduates in the country is huge. Based on some research, it is predicted that there will be 13% growth of interior designer jobs in the coming years.

Exposures: Huge exposure in the related field of interior designing is also a major reason why to study masters in interior design in UK. As an interior designer, you get the opportunity to work with the creative minds in the designing industry. You get the knowledge and chance to meet the experts of architect, engineers in the field.


List of Top Universities to Study Masters in Interior Design in UK


When it comes to getting admission to masters in interior designing in UK, choosing the right university is essential for every student. So to help you, here we have curated a list of the best universities for masters in interior design in UK for international students:

Royal College of Art

University of the Arts London

Coventry University

University of East London

University of Huddersfield



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