I have done my bachelor's and masters in Applied Psychology in India. Now I want to pursue masters in organizational behavior with scholarships in abroad. Where would it be suitable for me?

Asked by Shafna Kamarudheen about 1 year ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

Mostly these courses come under either psychology or human resources. I see you haven’t mentioned your budget but if you are looking specifically for scholarships I assume you are  looking for affordable options.

For countries specifically, I want to recommend the USA. Psychology and organizational behavior courses are very common in USA universities. Plus the area of work after your graduation is most diverse there as well. We all know how every major company has set up their headquarters in the USA. The demand for organizational experts is constant in the USA and it pays well.

If you want some good university suggestions I can suggest some.  These are not so costly when it comes to tuition and they are widely recognized in the USA. You will not find any lack in education system here in these universities;


  • University of Oklahoma-Norman
  • University of Colorado Denver
  • Winona State University
  • Geneva College

Scholarships basically depend on your profile. The stronger your profile is the better chances are to secure a scholarship for you. I recommend getting in touch with some expert that can guide you through it. In general, all students manage to get a scholarship anyway. It will cover a part of your tuition plus education loans are a great service to go with.

While these are some general options, I suggest you narrow down your choices based on your profile and preferences. Why don’t you share your profile details with me? It will then give me an idea of what would actually be suitable for you and I’ll be able to share more information that way. 


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